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The Red Tent - Anita Diamant I loved it! I don't buy bestsellers, ever, but this one I bought, and I'm glad. I don't want to tell the story, you can find it on the book covers, but it wasn't about the story what did it for me. It's about what it makes you think about: your mother; yourself (me being a woman); the religions taking the Old Testament as a Holy Book; the Book of Genesis, which I can finally begin to understand, because now I have a context that my religion classes never gave me; the divide between women and men, biological and socially imposed.
Just one remark: although the red tent works great for the story, menstrual bleeding only during new moon doesn't seem to pass the reality check. Most evidence is anecdotal. Google found a lot of funny new age sites, but the most convincing piece of evidence started with "Haven't you noticed...?". About the Red tents, Moon huts, and other interesting rituals - I'm still not sure whether isolating women during their bleeding helps them or just stigmatizes them - I think that it can also be (/was/is) understood as a way of removing women out of the way while they are "unclean". I know, it's an experience that only women share, blabla, but we live with men, so they better learn to live with us, even when we are menstruating and needing time for ourselves. We do make up for half of the population. Not that I wouldn't like sharing experiences with other women, and this way seems particularly appealing, but why should that be only during "the monthly wash"? Men need to get over their blood complexes, and period isn't something that should be mystified - we've had plenty of that. Just in case any one of you women reading this wants to try it (I just had to paste this here):
Here are 13 ways that you can sync your bleeding with the moon:
1) State the intention out loud or on paper that you want to bleed during the new moon and ovulate at the full moon.
2) Begin by listening to your body and asking it what it needs to do that.
3) Go to bed with the sunset (or before 10pm) and arise with the sun.
4) Eat local food in season.
5) Sleep in a complete darkness during the naturally darkest times of the moon’s phases (new moon).
6) Take moonlight walks at night.
7) Take nature into your body by eating food in the whole form that nature provides.
8) Walk barefoot on the earth etc. (Can someone please explain the etc.?!?!)
9) Plan your activities in flow with the moon`s energies.
10) Create a Moon Lodge with your women friends simply by gathering and creating sacred space together on the new moon (in whatever form that feel sacred for you).
11) Share this wisdom with your women friends (women who spend a lot of time together naturally sync their bleeding -which can work for or against our intention to bleed with the new moon).
12) Attend to your menstrual health with the help of a holistic practitioner. If you suffer from yeast infections, infertility, heavy bleeding, cramps, PMS etc. claim the gift inherent in these health challenges, by using them as a catalyst to transform your life- rather than simply treating or suppressing the symptoms.
13) Avoid foods that contain endocrine disruptors or xenoestrogens such as: growth hormones, food packaged in plastic or BPA cans and bottled water etc.
As you sync up with the natural cycles, notice the impact on your health, energy and overall satisfaction with the rhythm of your life- even adopting just one or two practices daily -can go a long way toward restoring harmony in our bodies and our lives.

Well some of this will definitely help you feel better, but sync-ing to the moon cycles seems to be on a psychic basis, not physical.