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State of Fear

State of Fear - Michael Crichton The whole point of the novel is to reveal the conviction that global warming is not happening - not worth reading 500 pages. It reflects the authors prejudices - he portrays environmentalists as uneducated fanatics. For everyone else who shares his opinions: ecologists' and environmentalists' sole occupation isn't global warming. Most of the arguments are inconsistent and confusing. He mocks the culture of fear, but replaces the fear of global warming with fear of eco-terrorists. Though I agree with him on subject of financing in science, I disagree on pretty much everything else. The cited work is sometimes taken out of context, misinterpreted or just plain biased. And his faith in neoliberalism is a bit frightening. As to science and politics, what about science and capital? Why didn't he write about GMO's or pharmaceutical companies, being a doctor? But that probably wouldn't be profitable to him :) sorry for the ad hominem, just felt like getting even :)